Construction and Real Estate

The practice of Construction and Real Estate Law is one that requires a highly specific, focused knowledge base not routinely encountered in other areas of practice. We understand the construction industry – the issues, processes, concepts, language, nuances, as well as the challenges faced by general contractors, construction managers, and others in the industry.


Construction and real estate projects are often complex, involving large sums of money and numerous stakeholders.

We believe in today’s business environment our clients’ focus should be on revenue-building and project completion — not litigation. We believe it is critical to assist clients in maintaining that focus whenever possible.


We provide value to our clients by meeting with them regularly over the course of a project to identify potential problems, lingering issues, and existing disputes — and take action to strategize and implement timely solutions; maintain compliance with contractual notice requirements;  reduce and avoid confrontational relationships with project participants and recommend methods of resolving problems and breaking deadlocks.

We are a construction services law firm that appreciates the fact that dispute prevention is as valuable as dispute resolution. It is based on this understanding that we provide our clients with in-depth contract administration with the aim of preventing disputes that can disrupt project execution and adversely affect business relationships and commercial interests.

In addition, we understand the value of a knowledgeable workforce and so through in-house seminars and publications, we provide our clients with the resources they require to equip their employees on how to properly implement a more sophisticated brand of contract administration and be acutely aware of the relevant regulations that require compliance for effective and efficient project delivery.