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Africa is on the frontier of economic growth and development. With a number of countries within the fastest growing economies in the world, African countries are definitely the next big item for both domestic and foreign investment. The major future drivers of growth will be trade and economic integration with the advent of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).


AfCFTA will certainly bring about a new dawn of formal economic integration and an increase in Intra Africa trade and domestic economic development. Some of the areas that will be significantly affected are the areas of infrastructure and maritime as the construction of necessary infrastructure for trade facilitation and transportation will become the backbone of Intra African trade.


​Nigeria being the largest economy in Africa with the largest population is a major player in Africa and will continue to play an increasing role in Intra-African trade and international trade. The country's domestic growth will, however, continue to grow in the areas of extractive industries, agriculture, telecommunications, infrastructure, and transport.


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